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Bees Cards creates custom theme-based bar or bat mitzvah invitations and wedding invitations.

Most of Bees Cards custom invitations are just that - custom!  Below you will find category based galleries of past creations.  Scroll through to see if anything catches your eye (keeping in mind that color scheme, fonts and other aspects of the invitation can easily be changed).  If none of our past creations fit the bill, no worries, give Bees Cards a call so we can start the creative process.

About Bee

Beth of Bee’s Cards is a one-woman creative machine, but it wasn’t always that way.  There was a time when she believed there wasn’t a creative bone in her body.  Perhaps she just didn’t have a moment to put into it while married, raising two kids and working in a full time sales position.  It wasn’t until she went on disability with Parkinson’s Disease that she found her creative groove.

First it was little things here and there: decorating her home, crafting, stamping and then card making.  In 2003 she started the Bee’s Cards website and it’s been bar or bat mitzvah invitations, wedding invitations and fun ever since. She set up a home office so she could be just down the hall from her husband of 27 years and her wonderful son and amazing daughter.

Running her own business allows her to do things the right way by collaborating with her clients to create something new, unique and perfect for them.  While flexing her creative muscles is a lot of fun, the real joy is in the satisfaction of her customers when they first see their custom invitations ... invitations that are all they could dream.

Whether it’s simple save-the-date cards or something as elaborate as a five piece invitation set with a keepsake frame attached.  Beth’s attention to detail and love for her craft shows in every handcrafted piece that she makes.

Bees Cards can create a unique,  unforgettable custom wedding invitation, and invitations for a bar or bat mitzvah designed around your theme.

Take the first step in setting the tone for your event by calling Bees Cards today! 

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Bee of Bees Cards custom Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations


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