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Fun Harvest Festival Games

With the arrival of fall, comes the planning of the yearly harvest festival. Whether you are hosting your own harvest festival or are in charge planning one for you church, finding the perfect games for the event is likely top priority. Harvest festivals are a time for family and fun. Make sure the families that attend your harvest festival make memories that will last a lifetime. The following are a few “must have” game ideas for your big event.

  • Bobbing for apples. This game will be fun for all ages. It is also a treat to watch! Make sure that you fall festival includes this classic. Get a large tub and fill with water. Add in small and large apples to make the game a challenge for those who take part in it.
  • Pie eating contest. Have the people who attend your fall festival sign up in advance to take part in a pie eating contest. This messy game will bring about lots of laughs and help make good memories. Simple pies can be made from tin plates, pudding, and whipped topping.
  • Picking up ducks. The little ones will enjoy this game. Fill a plastic swimming pool full of water and place numbered rubber ducks floating in it. Allow the kids to come by and “pick up a duck.” The number placed on the duck should correspond with the prize the child receives. Small prizes such as rings, necklaces, balls, etc. are always a hit with young children.
  • Let’s go fishing! This is an old timey game that is always fun for everyone. Create a backdrop that simulates water. This can be done by placing blue paper over a piece of plywood. For a more dramatic effect, paste “fish” cutouts onto the blue paper. Designate someone to hide behind the “water” to help kids get the big catch. Use cane poles with clothes pins attached on the end as fishing rods. When the child or his parents places the pole in the water attach small bags of candy to end of each pole.
  • A cake walk. Have people in your community donate cakes for a cake walk. Take paper plates and write the numbers 1-20. Place the numbers in a circle and encourage your guests to come “walk” for a cake. Have fall themed music playing in the background and decide who wins the cake by drawing number.

The games listed above are a few old but fun games that have proved successful at fall festivals. Add them to your list of games for your event. Get the community involved by sending out personalized invitations that will help them save the date for your fall festival. Personalized invitations are a great way to get them excited and interested in a night of family fun! Be sure to mention some of the games you have planned and that there will be fun for the entire family. How will you announce your fall festival?

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